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Virgil X Smith II

Virgil X Smith II

Charles Smith II pays tribute to the late Virgil Abloh with a limited edition tote bag entitled "Emotional Baggage". The bag is a reflection of Abloh's philosophy on design and his impact on the fashion industry.

From Charles:
"Virgil Abloh was not only a mentor but a dear friend whose wisdom I will forever cherish. Our conversations on design were always filled with thought-provoking insights, and Virgil's mantra of 'the Tourist v. Purist' was a true reflection of his innovative approach to fashion.
One of the key takeaways from our discussions was the importance of infusing meaning and purpose into every design. We compared it to basketball; if you're going to take a shot, make it count. The same goes for design - It's about creating something that provokes thought and inspires change, even if it challenges convention or incites confusion. Our talks will be missed dearly."

In honor of Abloh, partial proceeds from the sale of the "Emotional Baggage" tote will be donated to Angiosarcoma Awareness Inc., a patient-driven non-profit organization dedicated to researching better therapies and a cure for angiosarcoma. The tote is a meaningful tribute to Abloh's legacy and a reminder of his lasting impact on the fashion world.

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